Instruction manual

Safety information and instructions for use for download

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1. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be treated with acetone before treatment and remove any adhesive residues. The glued areas must fit exactly, be clean and free of grease.
2. If you have to process extreme fractures, first place waxed paper (e.g. baking paper, Teasfilm, PE, PP) under the area. Then fill the breakage with the factor granulate. Make sure that the filling height does not exceed 2mm.
3. In the third step, they impregnate the granulate with the adhesive factor. Heat is generated! Vapours and gases should not be inhaled. Ventilate the working area sufficiently before, during and after use.
4. Curing depends on the material. After approx. 15-60 min. you can drill, grind and paint over the material. The adhesive is transparent and flexible, therefore it can be used for household (shoe sole) or jewellery. You always have crystal clear glue spots.


Opening and storage

Keep bottle straight when opening. We recommend storage upright in the freezer for longer life. The factor glue but always use room-temperature controlled.
In the cap there is a precisely fitting special needle which closes airtight and keeps the channel free. After use, ALWAYS wipe the outside of the tip with an oily cloth, apply some oil (cooking oil) to the thread of the bottle and close it carefully.